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 School Bus Service

El Colegio SEK – Paraguay set the school transport service exclusively for students.

Regulations and Standards of School Transportation:

1 .- Both carriers and vehicles that cover the shuttle service, meet all requirements of the Traffic and Municipal Committees and other bodies in the field.

2 .- The service is provided on school days.

3 .- The payment service will be payable in ten equal installments with tuition in the first eight days of each month.

4 .- The transportation rate will be fixed in February, except for not suffering excessive increases in fuel prices increase and other force majeure.

5 .- Time: The bus will stop or the student’s home at the appointed time waiting at most a minute, after which continue the service. Do not blow the horn to signal his arrival, nor the driver will lower the vehicle to knock on the door of the home, so the student should be prepared early enough. If the bus came too early, wait until the appointed time.

May not use the school bus without the perfect uniformity.

6 .- Absences: If the student does not need one day the shuttle, the coordinator must notify the bus operator to pick does not pass. This will prevent other children without moving. The carrier will not go through the home until the parent required again.

7 .- Emergency: If the school bus suffered delays due to breakdown, the carrier will notify the coordinator, who in turn notify the parents of the impact on students wait at home until the replacement vehicle.

8 .- Access: The bus routes can not pass or access to homes that involve uncertainty or difficulty maneuvering.

9 .- Changes of address: This must be notified thirty days in advance and which may involve restructuring of routes, requiring adequate time for the effect.

10 .- Changes of routes: Students may be rerouted if deemed necessary coordination for better performance of the service. In this case the parents be notified well in advance.

11 .- temporary route changes: Parents may request in writing changes over time, provided they do not affect the already established routes in the bus space is required.

12 .- Authorizations: If a student were to use the service in the afternoon, parents must give written notice to the tutor concerned or the coordinator of transportation. For security reasons, the College will not allow oral requests.

13 .- Withdrawals: If parents wish to withdraw their child (a) before the end of the day, he shall inform the Secretariat of the College giving the name, course number and route of travel the student (a). If you want to remove it at the time of departure, must do so in the door, warning the transportation coordinator.

14 .- Arrival at home: In the afternoon we will leave the student (a) at the door of his house, where an authorized person should wait, otherwise, or if there was no one, the carrier will take you back to the College.

15 .- Departure: The bus will not leave the College without having checked the attendance of students traveling on the road, leaving a record of absences. It will be the timely transport students attend class at the end of its output is performed at the scheduled time.

16 .- Behavior: For the transportation prolongation of the College, apply all rules belonging to the same. Failure to comply with the same or willful misconduct shall be notified to the Tutor and Director of Studies who will take appropriate action.

17 .- Damage: If a student causes destruction or rupture of a portion of the vehicle by intentional misuse, parents will be responsible for charges incurred.

18 .- Remarks: If parents wish to make any comments on the organization or operation of the Service may make the Chief.

19 .- Sending documents: Parents may send documents through the responsible route to school only if it is in a sealed envelope and it does not contain money.

20.-Termination of Service: If you want to do without the shuttle for the rest of the course, the parent must notify the coordinator in writing thirty days in advance. The delay of communication involves the collection of the next installment.