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New Technologies

Nowadays, the importance of new technologies is unquestionable; that is why, the immersion in the digital world is one of the school’s priorities. Not only does the school contribute to the students’ gaining knowledge, but it also integrates technology as a cross-curricular tool for the learning of other subjects.

SEK Paraguay International School has a broad band Internet connection used by students to research and extend contents, as well as to communicate with other schools from the institution and the rest of the world.

The computer lab is equipped with last generation computers that have useful educational software as resources. As a complement, all classrooms have a projector and a digital board that teachers can use to facilitate knowledge.

The use of computers and technology is regulated by the implementation of personalized usernames and passwords for each student. Also, the school has a filter of contents which controls the use of Internet in order to ensure its merely educational purposes.

SEK Interactive Campus

Backpack SEK

High School students have a USB memory stick with installed portable software, which allows them to use and extend their work in any place, any time.

Project iPad

SEK Paraguay intends to facilitate knowledge and train students in the use of technology by the implementation of a project that involves iPads, the latest Apple’s device, students and teachers in training

Moodle Virtual Classrooms

Moodle sets up a virtual classroom environment where different courses can be administered and online communities can be created. It is a tool that enriches meaningful learning in all areas and levels in the school.

Microsoft Office Specialist and IC3 International Certification

“IC3 International Certification

The IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) is the first worldwide training and certification program which validates abilities and knowledge of basic computer and Internet skills.

In order to be certified, it is necessary to pass the three exams that are included in the certification. They are:

  • Living online
  • Computer Studies fundamentals
  • Basic Applications

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Versión 2010

It is the world’s most renowned certification program which validates abilities and knowledge of a person in the use of Suite Microsoft Office programs.

The exams that are part of the certification are:

  • Word
  • Power Point
  • Excel

The international exams are endorsed by the CERTIPORT entity, being the SEK Paraguay International School Authorized Center.